Yerba Mate Ginger Kombucha - Revive Kombucha 12pk Bottles

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NOTE: These bottles are temperature controlled & cold-shipped; therefore your order can take 3-10 days to arrive.

Yerba Mate Ginger is our elixir, a brite clean brew, full of yerba mate, ginger, lemon, and live kombucha cultures, that gives you deliciously focused, sustained energy.

Go for it! Push your body and mind to their limits then, keep going. Some call it The Transcendent Pain: the big efforts, the long hauls, the total depletions that define the edges of who we are. They are tests against others, or mountains, or vast oceans. Some are mental deserts crossed in isolation, others are screaming crowds stealing our focus. But we face the pain and doubt squarely. We reach inside ourselves and find hidden reserves. There is more to us than we thought. We've reached a new edge, then gone beyond. We'll be back soon to fly further. 

At revive kombucha, work and fun are pretty much the same thing, but there are times when staying at our best means putting in that extra effort and pushing ourselves to new limits. It's how we keep growing. This is Revive's elixir for the big tests in your life.

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