Soda Pop Series Mixer 12pk

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*These bottles are temperature controlled & cold-shipped; therefore your order can take 3-10 days to arrive.
**Each brew from our Soda Pop Series contains 40mg of organic caffeine from green tea.

Bring the soda fountain experience home, and leave the surplus sugar behind. These soda pop favorites, along with our Original Cola, the one that started it all for us, will bring you back to the future with all that super tasty flavor you remember. Your taste buds and stomach bugs will high five and boogie down memory lane.

This mixer pack contains three 12oz bottles each of the following brews; Original cola, Cherry cola, Root Beer & Orange Soda.

• Cherry Cola 
A bubbly beverage as timeless as Cherry Cola should come with a pair of movie tickets, a bucket of popcorn, and that special someone you’ve been crushin' on. Playing off the memories of what our favorite cherry cola tasted like, we bottled that classic cola spice with a rich deep cherry vibe. A combo that is sure to have your soul playing the highlight reel of your favorite childhood scenes.

• Root Beer 
Taking it back to the old days of bellying up to the diner bar and ordering root beer floats with some of your closest. Let this fresh, creamy and nostalgic brew be the portal to your very own personal days of old.  The only way to feel cooler in that moment is if someone turned on the AC.

• Orange Soda 
Remember plunging your child-sized arm, elbow deep, into a cooler at the family picnic to grab an ice-cold orange drink? Orange Soda is a trusty duo of sweet and juicy orange, rounded with the creaminess of vanilla. A time-machine-in-liquid-form to transport you back and let those memories boogie across your tastebuds! 

• Original Cola 
In the beginning, we were just a small family in a garage, brewing and tasting and playing, day and night, batch after batch, searching for a buch that spoke to us. It's a journey we'll always cherish, but nothing compares to that one day, that moment, that first taste of Original Cola. It was the one, the foundation, the flavor of Revive Kombucha. 

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