Original Cola Kombucha - Revive Kombucha 12pk Bottles

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NOTE: These bottles are temperature controlled & cold-shipped; therefore your order can take 3-10 days to arrive.

The Original Cola brew is our OG and the OG cola kombucha. Released in 2010, our Original Cola brew was the first kombucha to truly give mainstream consumers a delicious and healthy alternative to soda.

Remember the first time you heard that music? That sound that set your heart on fire? The first chords shook your ears, woke you up and you cried, "I am me! This is my music! You identified. You were moved. It spoke to you and changed everything. Now you've heard it a thousand- times, but that first song can still catch you off guard, whipping you back to the first amazing time, to who you were and how you felt - to your foundation. 

In the beginning, we were just a small family in a garage, brewing and tasting and playing, day and night, batch after batch, searching for a buch that spoke to us. It's a journey we'll always cherish, but nothing compares to that one day, that moment, that first taste of Original Cola. It was the one, the foundation, the flavor of Revive Kombucha.

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