Caffeinated Kombucha Combo - Mocha Java Coffee + Yerba Mate Ginger 12pk Bottles

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NOTE: These bottles are temperature controlled & cold-shipped; therefore your order can take 3-10 days to arrive.

You know those moments when you need an extra lift in your day? Or when you are feeling motivated to push yourself, set a new personal record, but need some support? We've get you and got you covered with these two naturally caffeinated power brews.

Mocha Java Coffee - With it's roasty flavor, hint of chocolate sweetness and modern character, this is what we drink when the evening calls for work, creative juices flow or a night out is just on the horizon.

Yerba Mate Ginger - Our elixir for the big tests in your life. A bright clean brew, full of Yerba mate, ginger, lemon, and live kombucha cultures, that gives you deliciously focused, sustained energy.

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