Ginger Lime Kombucha - Revive Kombucha 12pk Bottles

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NOTE: These bottles are temperature controlled & cold-shipped; therefore your order can take 3-10 days to arrive.

Ginger Lime, an invigorating and caffeine-free buch, pairs an all-ginger brew and its own unique live cultures with bright, fresh, cold-pressed lime and an extra helping of cold-pressed ginger. 

I don't know WHAT came over me. One minute I'm catchin' a sunset on the porch, the next I'm on my horse, tearing past the frontier and heading deep into nowhere. I'm talking hardscrabble, rock rumbling, river raging uncharted territory! Unknown dangers and unseen splendors? Exactly. I was full speed ahead. I guess I was searchin' for something. Freedom, or thrills maybe, but I was lookin. And what did I find in that rugged wilderness? Well, let's just say it'll knock the dust off your boots and the tears from your eyes. 

When we say Revive, we mean to Get- Up-and-Go! Find something new, try something different, choose your own adventure. This refreshing ginger trailblazer, emboldened with fresh tart lime juice, will knock the dust off your boots.

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