Sparkling Citrus Ginger Kombucha 12pk Cans

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Crisp citrus party with a ginger sidekick.

Citrus Ginger combines the freshness of both lemons and limes with the exciting zing of real ginger and all its benefits. We brew and ferment an organic ginger to give you a crispy, slightly spicy and naturally caffeine-free refreshment. Your hottest times will also be your coolest knowing this deliciously refreshing can contains only 5g of sugar, 20 calories. And with 5 billion live probiotics, Revive Sparkling Probiotic supports healthy gut function, promotes digestive health, normal fat metabolism and a healthy immune system. Extra bonus, no refrigeration necessary! Drink em' cold wherever your boots let ya wander. Organic, non-gmo and super tasty, guaranteed.

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