Caffeine-free Kombucha Combo - Hibiscus Refresher + Ginger Lime 12pk Bottles

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NOTE: These bottles are temperature controlled & cold-shipped; therefore your order can take 3-10 days to arrive.

You are in the flow! You got this day covered, the wind at your back and the pieces are coming together with ease. Days like this should be respected and not interrupted, we understand that. Here you have a naturally caffeine-free, spirited combo to join you on the ride.

Hibiscus Refresher - The naturally sweet and tart hibiscus flowers awaken with our unique caffeine-free kombucha culture, making for a bright, laid-back, feel-good brew. This is our contribution to the time-honored tradition of living in the moment and enjoying life's progress, one beautiful step at a time.

Ginger Lime - This invigorating, caffeine-free buch pairs an all-ginger brew and its own unique live cultures with bright, fresh, cold-pressed lime and an extra helping of cold-pressed ginger. It's a tart, fresh eye opener, with a thought-provoking, warm ginger finish.

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