Our Purpose

Since 2010, we have been on a mission to prove that the very idea that wildly delicious, fun and healthy for you can be symbiotic!

Our Story

A husband with a bad soda habit. Wife hands said husband a kombucha. It got weird, but there were no arguments; just a life changing lightbulb vision, a garage, a home brew system, a bicycle and a farmers market.

WTF is Kombucha?


Kombucha, a word as funky to try to say as it is to make. Don't worry we got ya covered on both fronts. We did our homework and we are willing to share. Kombucha is an incredibly healthy fermented, probiotic beverage. Take a minute and learn more.


Just like you, sometimes we have some things to say and share. We take our craft very serious, but writing is not our craft, so should be easy reading.


The only thing better than brewing our buch is sharing it with the world! We love giving back to our community and try to do so whenever possible. Let's turn our liquid into money for your good cause!

Oh my goodness! You've seen my bottom! *Website blushes*