The Ultimate Gear for The Ultimate Baja Road Trip

Baja can be a beast but with the right gear it is an adventure paradise.

This holiday we sent a team in four vans the entire length of Baja California. Other than getting stuck a couple times (don’t forget those tow straps) there were no hiccups. 

There are the basics that everyone should take to Baja: water, extra fuel, a spare tire or two, and a high-jack, but here are the products that can really take your Baja Road trip to the next level in terms of comfort, connectivity, and fun.

Want to avoid the infamous “Baja Belly”? Stay on top of your gut flora and hydration with Revive Kombucha. Revive is not an overwhelming kombucha: you really can drink two in a row, and it is damn refreshing in the heat. The mocha java coffee is awesome in the morning, particularly after an evening drinking mezcal around the campfire.

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