Now & Then: Our Local Farmers Markets

Written by Sean J. Lovett & David D. Green

 It’s May 26th, 2010 at 3:30pm, and the Sonoma County winds are coming through E street in Santa Rosa like clock work. Tents strapped down, generators humming and the summer smells of popcorn, donuts and corn-dogs all mixing together. We are ready, nothing more to clean or organize and there is a quiet calm amongst the wind…except for the massive bass beats in my ears, from my pounding nervous heart. This is it, they are either going to like it or they are not. Either way, it’s happening, we are offering Sonoma County and hopefully the world a new perspective on kombucha.

Sean and Rebekah Lovett (Founders) at a Sonoma County Farmers Market, 2010.
Our first Revive Kombucha delivery vehicle/farmers market “booth”, 2010.

   It’s April 18th, 2020, and we’re back. It’s a little scary, considering it’s been 10 years since it all started and we were here in Petaluma for the first time. The nervous thoughts of how we will be perceived by other vendors are swiftly diluted by positivity. Straight up, raw, organic positivity and excitement bombarding us from all angles. This was a delightful sensation, and one that had become relatively unfamiliar with the onset of the novel Coronavirus. There is a sense of gratitude, a sense of pride, and a sense of thankfulness that falls over you like a warm blanket from these Farmers, vendors, and all the folks that make the market happen, which is a sure contradiction from the eerie experience a grocery store may have given you over the last couple months. It’s nice. It’s comforting, and it feels like home. So we made our final checks, turned up the tunes, and let the games begin!

The Santa Rosa Certified Farmers Market, 2020.
Soda Pop Series “flexin” at the Petaluma East Side Farmers market, 2020.
Our Sparkling Kombucha enjoying the fruits of the Santa Rosa Certified Farmers Market, 2020.

   Here we are, almost 10 yrs to the day we started, coming home to our community Farmers Market, enjoying the freedom to explore and share our new jams with you all. Two months ago, many of us at Revive felt the same feeling and we came together and said, we need to go back to the farmer’s market. As the world was asked to go hide away at home, we now more than ever want to safely connect face to face with our customers and serve you all.

   We make kombucha so you all can enjoy it and enjoy a better life because of it, all in the hope that it helps you be a better version of yourself. We are still here, music jamming and would love to hang out with you all…let’s all raise our bottles in virtual cheers, that’s safe right?

Learn More about the Farmers Markets where you can find Revive Kombucha:

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