Strawberry Lemon 12pk Cans: Wholesale

A mouth watering farmstand jam in a can.

Strawberry Lemon is so, so farmstand fresh. Real strawberries and real lemons straight from the farm, but we save you the time of picking and juicing. We begin with a unique organic kombucha culture made with both yerba mate and hibiscus, allowing us to use the so, so clean combo of strawberry and lemon to top off this tasty brew. This deliciously refreshing fizzy farmstand jam contains only 5g of sugar, 20 calories and a belly party of 5 billion probiotics. Revive Sparkling Kombucha supports healthy gut functions, promotes digestive health, normal fat metabolism and a healthy immune system. Extra bonus, no refrigeration necessary, so you can take it anywhere you find yourself foraging. Consider our sparkling kombucha your adventure partner in a can. Enjoy Chilled. Organic, non-gmo and super tasty, guaranteed.

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