Mango Orange 12pk Cans: Wholesale

Succulent and ripe tropical drink duo, beach sold separately.

Mango Orange is a beachside treat for your hottest moments, where maximum chill is in order. We begin with an organic black tea kombucha culture and then add a tropical duo of mangos and oranges. No need to sweat, as this deliciously refreshing can contains only 5g of sugar, 20 calories and a belly party of 5 billion probiotics. Revive Sparkling Kombucha supports healthy gut functions, promotes digestive health, normal fat metabolism and a healthy immune system. Extra bonus, no refrigeration necessary, so you can take it anywhere you want to chill. Consider our sparkling kombucha your adventure partner in a can. Enjoy Chilled. Organic, non-gmo and super tasty, guaranteed.

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