Watch this space for updates, facts and insights about what we learned from our journey with Bottle Exchange.

This is a tough moment for Revive. We started our Bottle Exchange program at the Santa Rosa Farmer’s Market back in 2010 with a mission: share our kombucha with as many people as possible in the most environmentally responsible way we could imagine. We hoped that other people and businesses might even be inspired to take action themselves. The time-honored tradition of bottle reuse was one of the best solutions we found and we watched with excitement as our new Bottle Exchange program grew.

To us it was a huge success, with tons of support and average bottle and crate return rates of 75% – 90%. Bottle Exchange saved millions of pounds of glass from manufacturing, waste and recycling streams. It felt good to see all those bottles come back to be used time and time again, each one an example of great customers, retailers and distributors who cared enough to make the effort with us.

Bottle exchange was not an easy thing to get off the ground, and not an easy thing to maintain. We never imagined it would be. It was hard for us and tough for our retail and distribution partners who had to give space, time and energy to it. But we hoped and worked, and worked some more, imagining that experience and a few lucky breaks would make Bottle Exchange something we could do for the life of Revive.

Unfortunately, Bottle Exchange’s challenges only grew more intense. The realities of unfriendly regulations combined with tracking, shipping, scraping, washing, inspecting, sorting, and storing an ever-increasing number of bottles and crates began to threaten our ability to make the very kombucha that filled them. We kept trying anyway.

We made custom bottles, built custom crates, one-of-a-kind wash equipment and a custom distribution system. Despite all of that, we were never able to make Bottle Exchange a sustainable, evergreen part of our business. For now, we have no choice but to end Bottle Exchange.

Everyone here at Revive is sad to see Bottle Exchange go. We know many of you will be too. But we’re also proud of what we accomplished. We gave it our all and so did the community that nurtured the program into existence. We’re hugely grateful to all of you who shared the burden with us. Together we all worked to have a positive impact, and that’s exactly what we did!

Thank you so much for your hard work and support of Bottle Exchange and Revive over these seven great years.

In the meantime, Revive Kombucha is still here, still making our craft kombucha with love, care and attention, and still using every tool we have to keep our work environmentally responsible. Using practices we started during Bottle Exchange, we’ve increased our water reclamation in our brew process, reducing our water use by over 200%; we’ve always composted the organic waste created during the brew process; and we’re building plans for things like solar and wind power credits, and heat and CO2 reclamation. From these efforts and our certified Organic, Fair-Trade & Non-GMO ingredients, to our natural fermentation, we’re doing everything we can to honor our commitment to protect the Earth and its people, and inspire change in others, while making something healthy and delicious.

From everyone at Revive, please join us on our journey as we keep fighting the good fight!

Thank you!

Sean J. Lovett,
Founder & CEO, Revive Kombucha