About Us

Conscientious people won’t drink just anything. They’d like a drink that’s delicious, good for their body, great with food, and made carefully by ethical, caring people. When Revive Kombucha launched at the Santa Rosa Farmer’s Market in 2010, that was our mission: to make an amazing tasting kombucha that people loved and felt good about. We poured our hearts into it, and it worked. We made a great Kombucha that was organic, vegan, raw, packed with probiotics and really tasty, and people kept asking for more.


Back then it was just a tiny operation, with the two of us, Rebekah and Sean Lovett, brewing and self-distributing bottles of buch to local grocers, working our cart at the farmer’s markets and driving kegs to nearby restaurants. We started by selling one great flavor, The O.G., and with one foot in front of the other, we grew from our little mom and pop operation, into one of the best selling kombuchas in Sonoma County. Now we have seven flavors, still organic, still vegan, still raw, and each with their own distinct craft brew style, including our caffeine-free Free Ride, and our ultra-low sugar Ascend.


As we’ve grown, Revive has also taken the lead on environmental production practices. They’re as sustainable for the earth and positive for our community as we know how to achieve. We source certified organic, fair-trade, non-GMO certified ingredients, and seek out local products, purveyors and partners. We use water recycling and reclamation to further reduce our environmental impact.


Along the way, we’ve become an incredible production crew, a group that feels like a big family full of great people who live, work and thrive right here in Sonoma County. For all of us on the Revive Kombucha crew, there’s been no greater affirmation for our work, than to see so many of you come back as loyal customers to drink our kombucha, and drink to your own health again and again. It’s why we do this, and we’re so grateful for the chance to keep brewing our kombucha for you.


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Live Culture

We’re a family owned craft kombucha brewery, launched at the Sonoma County California Farmer’s Market in 2010. Our mission has always been to sustainably produce the best tasting kombucha you’ve ever had, using the highest quality ingredients and innovative craft brewing techniques out there. We develop our own recipes, techniques and cultures and the result is a uniquely delicious, healthy brew. We’re all about brewing our kombucha with a culture of heart and fun, and taking care of the earth and our community in the process.